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On May 6th 2010 Jim Moore, Chairman of Wexford County Council launched the discussion document, ‘Positioning Wexford for the Upturn’ by Julie O Neill, former Secretary General at the Department of Transport.

Last week Jim, as President of NPCpp and with the executive members organised a first ever national conference for parent’s representatives in the Department of Education & Skills.


National Parents Council - Post Primary

NPCpp was established in 1985 under the then Minister for Education Gemma Hussey in response to a request from parents to create a National Parents organisation to represent the post primary sector.

There are 5 constituent members of NPCpp representing over 700 schools on a national basis including; Protestant and Minority Religions, Vocational, Community and Comprehensive, Voluntary Religious Sector, in all 370,000 students in post primary schools.

As well as presenting the views of parents on educational issues NPCpp also:

  • Hosts an Examination Helpline which operates annually to assist students and parents with queries, worries and concerns about Leaving Certificate results and CAO places.
  • In 2008 NPCpp initiated a forum which brings together all partners in education, PPEF (Post Primary Education Forum) – parents, management and teacher unions meet to discuss and develop policies in areas of common interest in post primary education.

Jim is National President and Board Director of the NPCpp.

The official NPCpp website can be found here

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