Election 2014

On May 6th 2010 Jim Moore, Chairman of Wexford County Council launched the discussion document, ‘Positioning Wexford for the Upturn’ by Julie O Neill, former Secretary General at the Department of Transport.

Last week Jim, as President of NPCpp and with the executive members organised a first ever national conference for parent’s representatives in the Department of Education & Skills.


Wexford VEC

Established under the Vocational Education Acts, VEC’s provide a broad range of educational opportunities across communities.  Co. Wexford VEC is responsible for 7 Second Level Schools, 5 VTOS Centres, 3 Youthreach centres, a Travellers’ Training Centre and an Outdoor Education Centre.

Wexford Vocational Education Committee services include; Adult & Community Education, Adult Literacy, student grants, and outdoor education activities.

As Chairman of Co. Wexford VEC Jim is passionate about safeguarding the educational experience offered to all participants in Co. Wexford and to afford opportunities to retrain and promote life long learning.

The official Co Wexford VEC website is at